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26 September
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"Who wants to be ordinary in a crazy mixed up world?"
Yeah- that about describes me! I'm an odd one, any of my friends can tell ya that! Let's see what else about me?? I'm a self described environmentalist, very liberal as well. I want to save the world! If I beleived in reincarnation I would want to be a penguin! I love books and music, reading and writing poetry. I want to be Sylvia Plath without the suicide. I would be a great housewife if I could ever comit myself to that- I love to bake cookies and cakes and crochet and quilt. But I have no desires of marriage or children. I'm looking for the love of my life though- I do believe in true love, but not soul mates. I already have my soul mate- my best bud Cory! I don't know what else to say about me. I'm just me and perfectly happy with that!